Special message:  

Due to the risks associated with Covid we are not currently holding monthly Meet-ups. We will post an update here when regular face-to-face meet-ups resume and also inform our current members.

We do though still stay in touch via our closed Facebook group and via Zoom.  If you are a member of either crMEtea or the Cambridge ME group (CBME) these are both available to you.

Take care.

Meet-ups are held on the second Wednesday of every month.
Details for the coming month are displayed below.
Please check this website before setting off in case of last minute changes or cancellations. Thanks

We will try not to cancel. If we have to, we will either offer an alternative date at the same venue, or may have to miss one month. Either way, we will endeavour to send out an email alert or put a notice on this screen. Please don’t forget to fill in the form on the Contact page before your first Meet-up, so we have your contact details.


Where are Meet-ups held?

We use out-of-town venues with a cafe/restaurant serving tea and coffee, for the crMEtea Meet-ups.

Meet-up locations are chosen to suit the majority of members home areas. Currently our Meet-ups are held in west Cambridgeshire, as the majority of our current members live in that area. Our Meet-ups are open to all with ME (see our tag-line at the top of this page) from across the county who have joined as a member through this website, and remain in contact with us.

We choose venues with parking and which appear to us to be reasonably accessible. Please phone the venue to check if you have specific access requirements.

Our venues are not privately hired – they are ordinary business premises and we are their ordinary paying customers! This means that there is a requirement for everyone to buy their own drinks  over the course of the meet-up, to enable our reasonably use the venue.

We have chosen to hold meet-ups in public locations to avoid hire costs and so we can avoid charging you a membership fee.

What if I live a long way from your Meet-up location?

For those who live in other parts of the county:
We have found in practice our members cannot regularly travel long-distances. Most need to meet fairly near to their home address. We can tell you about other Cambridgeshire based ME groups nearer to your home location (we plan to add a contact section for other groups within Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas soon). 

If you do live further afield in Cambridgeshire, you are still welcome to join crMEtea and come to our Meet-ups.  We are sorry that some of you may need to make a longer trip to attend!


Who can join the group and come to Meet-ups?

Anyone can come aged over 18 who has M.E. – or is an accompanying adult companion – living within our specified area.

How do I join the group?

If you haven’t come to a crMEtea Meet-up before, please contact us first via the form on the Contact page, so we know how many people to expect – thank you.


What does it mean to be a member of crMEtea?

We meet in public venues and this gives both benefits and constraints to the group.  Benefits include an easy place to meet and no fee! Constraints include the need to ask members to assist the organiser a little as follows:

Those doing admin for crMEtea have ME. To streamline the process we have made it very easy for members to join, leave, and re-join as personal situations change.  We have two groups: the ‘Active Members’ group is the main group for crMEtea. Join this if you intend to come to Meet-ups.  We also have a ‘Too-ill to come’ service offered by the main group. Join this if you would like contact with crMEtea, but cannot get to Meet-ups because of ill-health – this group receives a friendly email each month after each meet-up. You can ask to be transferred from one group to the other if your circumstances change.

Those who try to come to meet-ups fairly often, even if they can’t always make it (which we completely understand!) are considered as Active Members of crMEtea.

We regret we cannot offer home visits as we do not have the resources for this.

Finally – if you join crMEtea but don’t come to meet-ups for quite a while (and don’t reply to email enquiries asking if you want to continue your membership) your membership will automatically lapse and you will cease to receive reminders about Meet-ups and events. However it is really easy to rejoin crMEtea if you want to!  Just fill in the website contact form again, let us know when you are next planning to come, and your membership will re-start.

When is the next Meet-up?



Wednesday March 11th 2020
2pm – 4pm

Brewers Fayre (Brampton)
Great North Road
PE28 4NQ

This venue can be difficult to find within the complex so we advise you check a detailed map before setting off.

We have a map we can email to you  – just ask.

Look for a group with a blue scarf and/or panda displayed! 

NB: Staff at the venue will not have information about crMEtea, or our meet-ups. Please contact crMEtea via the Contact page on this website if you would like more information. Thank you.

How will I recognise you at the venue?

At each Meet-up we display a blue scarf and/or a panda bear!  Look around and you should spot us!

Organisers arrive a little early before the start of each meet-up. Please wait for a short while if at first you cannot see us, just incase we have been delayed. Thanks!


What can I expect at the meet-ups?

The main thing you can expect is a friendly welcome. Also a sympathetic understanding of the effects M.E. may be having on your life, and a willingness to share experiences and chat about wider interests. We mainly want people to have an opportunity to relax and enjoy themselves in a supportive environment, in the knowledge that no-one will be judging you for how much you can do. Remember – we are all coping with M.E. in some way, (whether as a carer or because we have M.E.).

We sometimes suggest ME related topics for discussion. But our primary aim is to relax in a stress free environment.

You can talk about any topic which interests you, as well as M.E. related issues, because we do all have other interests, even if we can no longer practice them as much as we would like to!  It can be good to look at the things we can do, as well as discuss the things we can no longer do. It’s also okay to have a laugh (as we often do), so Meet-ups don’t become a gloom-fest!