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Members of crMEtea contributed the following links to press coverage about M.E and articles on current M.E. research they have found interesting.
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Added to our website in 2018

Linda Tannenbaum Worldwide Tour Talk: From Open Medicine Foundation

Time for Unrest: Why patients with ME are demanding Justice: Natalie Wright from The Independent report on the struggles patients face to be taken seriously by doctors

A reboot for chronic fatigue syndrome research: Report from Nature

Added to our website in 2017

PACE Trial latest | MEA to pay for open access to independent reanalysis paper: PACE Trial latest-MEA to pay for open access to independent reanalysis paper

Novel Gene Variants in ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia: From the Bateman Horne Centre Feb 2017

Queensland Scientists Make Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Research Breakthrough: Minister describes a small study showing link to abnormal immune system cells

Centre for Welfare reform essay: In the Expectation of Recovery

Ronald W. Davis, Research update Feb 21st 2017: Significant breakthroughs towards understanding the molecular mechanisms of the disease.. now ready for testing

Ronald W. Davis, PhD, Scientific Advisory Board Director: About Professor Davis

Severe ME left me in a world of pain and darkness. 26 years on, why is it still so poorly understood?: Article on Open Democracy

Pathological mechanisms in ME from Bergen research group : A new study, partly funded by the Kavli Trust

Webinar led by Anthony L. Komaroff, MD, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School: Useful overview of the state of ME science from late 2016

Impressions from IACFS/ME 2016 Take-home messages from this conference?

Dr. Mark Van Ness, “Expanding Physical Capability in ME/CFS” Part 1 (of 2) First of a two-part 2016 ME awareness presentation

Dr. Mark Van Ness, “Expanding Physical Capability in ME/CFS” Part 2 (of 2) Second of a two-part 2016 ME awareness presentation

Workweek Foundation Latest news

Added to our website in 2016

Health rising: The IACFS/ME Preconference: ME/CFS and GWI – The Complex Neuroinflammatory Conditions

Open Medicine Foundation: UPDATED: Metabolic Features of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – Q & A with Robert Naviaux, MD

Open Medicine Foundation: Ronald W. Davis, PhD, Scientific Advisory Board Director

ME Association 2016/17 Christmas appeal: Make ME better! fund raiser

Invest In ME charity discuss the MEGA study, and the Omega counter petition: Find out more about objections to this proposed UK study

From 2015 – but worth watching: scientist dad searches for cure for ill son

Dr Lucinda Bateman from the Bateman Horne Center USA: Global report of progress lecture

Part 1 of three talks given at the Watershed in Bristol: Prof. Mark VanNess on exercise and CFS/ME

Part 2 of three talks given at the Watershed in Bristol: Dr. Nigel Speight on exercise and CFS/ME

Part 3 of three talks given at the Watershed in Bristol: Erina Bowman on exercise and ME/CFS

Workwell Foundation USA: Staci Stevens & Mark VanNess video’s

US Neuroscientist says exercise worsens ME/CFS Symptoms: Prof. J. Mark VanNess from the Californian University of the Pacific

The National Academies of SCIENCES, ENGINEERING, MEDICINE, USA: Beyond Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Redefining an Illness

Virology blog: Trial By Error, Continued: The Real Data

PLOS blog: Before you enroll your child in the MAGENTA chronic fatigue syndrome study: Issues to be considered

A thoughtful piece relating to education, sick children, and the attitudes of the state: Independent Living and Education

Naviaux’s Metabolism Paper: Researcher at Uni of California publishes a ‘landmark’ paper

US Representatives support letter to NIH in USA for ME/CFS research: 55 members of Congress have signed the letter…

ME Research UK’s Forward ME Group meeting minutes: Reports on their meeting in the House of Lords

ME Research UK publishes a magazine called Breakthrough: Features updates on projects funded by the charity

Parliamentary Question regarding steps to be taken to encourage research into ME: 13th Sept 2016 – politician asks the question..

The Lancet rejects Scientists’ Pace Letter: Update on the letter written to the Lancet by 43 scientists

Soft Tissue Therapy for Fibromyalgia: Clinical trial recruiting participants

Timeline, Torture and Tragedy: Valerie Eliot Smith writes about the case of Karina

FREE Karina: The tragic and ongoing case of Karina Hansen in Denmark

PIP assesment: Dept for Work and Pensions


Hyperbaric oxygen use in fibromyalgia: Does HBO reduce the symptoms of ME/CFS and firbomyalgia?:

Posts by Valerie Eliot Smith who writes about Law and Health: Here you can see a variety of posts written by Valerie on the subject of QMUL, PACE and the law:

Article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA: Metabolic Features of chronic fatigue syndrome:

Article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA: Metabolic Features of chronic fatigue syndrome:

Trial By Error, Continued: My questions for Lancet Editor Richard Horton: By David Tuller, DrPH written 1-9-16:

Hope for CFS: Article by Julie Rehmeyer who is also making a documentary about ME/CFS called Canary in a Coal Mine:

Tribunal orders University to release data: From the BMJ news Hub, reported on ME Association website:

You look too well presented to be sick: Poem written after rising a government agency…:

Research paper about Leptin and Fibromyalgia: Association of Leptin with Body Pain in Women:

Invest in ME Research International ME Conference – 2nd June 2017: Running ME Biomedical Research conferences since 2006:

ME Association article: Tribunal orders release of PACE Trial data (courtesy of Valerie Eliot Smith)

Occupy ME article: AHRQ Evidence Review Changes its Conclusions

ME Association article: Tribunal orders university to release data from PACE chronic fatigue study- from BMJ news hub

The Information Tribunal – Government website: The QMUL appeal of 20-22 April 2016 – details of the appeal.

The Centre For Welfare Reform, article: Major breakthrough on PACE trial

USA TODAY. New research sheds light on mysterious fibromyalgia

Columbia Magazine. New hope for those with chronic fatigue syndrome

Occupy ME. Exercise Testing and Using a Heart Rate Monitor

Scientifically Redefining ME/CFS. The Other MEGA Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) Project: Dr. Hornig Talks

Harvard and Tufts neuroscientist Dr. Michael Van ElZakker shares his fascinating new paper Chronic Fatigue from Vagus Nerve Infection:
A Psychoneuroimmunological Hypothesis. His hypothesis proposes that an infection of the vagus nerve can cause greatly exaggerated chronic sickness responses like fatigue, pain and more.  Research paper

Vincent Racaniello speaks to guest journalist David Tuller about the flaws in the UK’s PACE trial, and the efforts to have the trial data release. Excellent for practitioners in the NHS and the general public to listen to, if you wish to be informed.   Interview

Invest In ME event.  Conference 2016

GMC impose conditions on Dr Speight’s licence to practice.  ME Association reports..

Nigel Speight speaks at the Watershed in Bristol.  Advisor to ME charities speaks.

New research on Fibro pain.  USA Today – report.

The Big Sleep for ME.  Invest in ME charity annual event

Search for aetiology of ME/CFS. Search for a rational diagnostic system.

Scientists find clues into cognitive dysfunction in CFS.  Research from Columbia University USA.

USA. National Institute for Health – ME news release from 29-10-15.  NIH Take action…

Missing Millions international protest – London  event.  Evening standard report

BBC Radio Bristol programme. The truth about living with ME – 3 women’s stories

ME related petition on a UK government website.  Invest more money into scientific research to find the cause of ME/CFS

ME Association CBT, GET, PACING REPORT.  No decisions about me – without me

A hard hitting article about what lies behind the attack on disability benefits.  The Misleading Research at the Heart of Disability Cuts

This article (about Lupus) explains in an understandable way, the lived experience of energy depletion (which is also central to the experience of living with ME).   The Spoon Theory

Guardian article titled: Is chronic fatigue syndrome finally being taken seriously?

Virtual protest:  Missing Millions

May 12th: International ME/CFS & FM Awareness Day

May 12th: Light up the night

GMC impose conditions on Dr Nigel Speight’s licence to practice: Dr Speight speaks at Bristol Watershed