Books to borrow

Below you will find a list of ME related books (in no particular order) which are available for loan directly from the person who has listed them.

To borrow a book you need to be a current member of crMEtea.
Please make arrangements for loan period and return with the owner.  

Borrowing is a private arrangement between borrower and owner. crMEtea list them as a courtesy ,but take no responsibility for unreturned books etc.

Books listed are in no way personal recommendations of crMEtea, neither do they constitute or take the place of proper medical advice. If you take advice from any book you borrow, this must be entirely at your own decision. 

Books from Pauline (held by Jane on request).
365 Meditations for Busy People – Laura Grey
Instant Calm – Paul Wilson
Fibromyalgia and Muscle Pain – Leon Chaitou
Bach Flower Remedies for Beginners

 Books from Sue J.
Living with ME by Dr Charles Shepherd.
Big comprehensive book but surprisingly easy to read or just find that one relevant page.

Can I tell you about me chronic fatigue syndrome by Jacqueline Rayner.
Written for children but straight forward and readable for adults. 

Chronic fatigue syndrome support for family and friends by Elizabeth Turp.
Nicely written broken down into chapters which each include a ‘how to help’ section at the end. Gets a bit repetitive with ‘ask what suits best’ but otherwise really good. 

Breaking free from persistent fatigue by Lucie Montpetty.
Lots of spiritual nonsense and nothing practical or real that I could find. I would throw this away but want to offer it to everyone else to save anyone spending a penny on it.

Magazines from Sue J., Amy and Jane
We have various back-copies of the periodical magazines received as part of  membership of the ME Association, and Action for ME, charities.  Just ask us if you’d like to borrow some of the back copies. They contain some interesting and informative articles etc.